【Instagram it!】#asiacorridor photo contest

Instagram any artworks of the following artists exhibited at Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition with #asiacorridor.

For those selected as a favorite one by the director and artists will be awarded following gifts as a memento of this exhibition. Don’t miss this chance!!

Artists: (Place of exhibits/ gifts/ number of winners)

No.1: Mishima Ritsue (Nijo Castle / Artwork: Eyes of Light / awarded to 5 people)
No. 2 Horio Sadaharu(Kyoto Art Center / original bandana / awarded to 3 people)
No. 3 Choi Jeonghwa(Nijo Castle / Set of signed plastic colander, red and green / awarded to 5 people)
No. 4 Cai Guo-Qiang(Nijo Castle / Signed postcard / )
No. 5 Hisakado Tusyoshi(Nijo Castle / Drawing artwork / awarded to 3 people)
No. 6 Hyon Gyon(Kyoto Art Center / Drawing artwork / awarded to 5 people)
No. 7 Tanizawa Sawako(Nijo Castle / Ceramic sculpture / awarded to 5 people)


Mishima Ritsue Eyes of Light

Horio Sadaharu Original Bandana

Horio Sadaharu + On-Site Art Squad KUKI