Contemporary Art Exhibition at UNESCO World Heritage Site Nijo Castle!

Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition will take place at Kyoto Art Center (Registered Tangible Cultural Property) and Nijo Castle (Nijo-jo, the UNESCO World Heritage Site) this summer as part of a three-nation project Culture City of East Asia. A wide range of generations of internationally renowned artists from Japan, China and South Korea will participate in the exhibition and approximately 80% of the artworks presented by the 25 exhibitors will be newly created for the site.
This exhibition will allow visitors to experience the quality and intensity of contemporary art in the cultural city of Kyoto as well as come into contact with the passion and endeavors of artists from Japan, China and South Korea that pioneer new frontiers and transcend national identities through the universal approaches of art.


Director’s Message

The name of this event incorporates the hope that the Culture City of East Asia project will directly touch on the richness of the culture and arts in the region, becoming a place for sharing emotions and contributing, even if just a little, to building a more tolerant and harmonious society. Our idea of a “corridor” in Asia does not refer to the goal of simply moving from one place to the next. Rather, it is somewhere for enjoying the charms of traveling and exploring. The main venue is the UNESCO World Heritage site Nijo Castle, whose architecture and gardens are arranged almost like linked corridors for wandering around. In this way, visitors will view the artworks exhibited all over the vast castle grounds by moving in a circuit. By chance, this also serves as a metaphor for our concept of the “corridor” of asia. There await exciting encounters with the work of artists from different cultures and backgrounds.
   Unlike an exhibition at an art museum, “Asia Corridor” is an art festival held at a location deeply imbued with the unique history of Kyoto. In contrast to festivals that are mere simulacra of theme parks, the venue is instilled with the living traces of early-modern Japan, which will surely provide much stimulation for the imaginations of the artists creating the exhibits.
This symbiosis of cutting-edge and experimental art with profound tradition is quintessentially Kyoto in spirit, and certain to conjure up a fascinating and mysterious atmosphere.
   The world is today afflicted by isolationism and bigotry as well as endless cycle of terrorism and war. But it is above all in times like this that we can see such meaning in advancing the principles of this corridor and the Culture City of East Asia project, which endeavors to further the possibilities of communication and mutual understanding through culture and art. We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Culture City of East Asia

Culture City of East Asia takes place annually in cities selected by the governments of Japan, China and South Korea as a series of yearlong cultural and arts events and exchange projects, furthering the development of the host cities as well as promoting mutual understanding and solidarity in the region through the power of culture. Alongside fellow 2017 host cities Changsha (China) and Daegu (South Korea), Kyoto will organize a wide range of events, including traditional culture, contemporary art, performing arts, music, manga (comic books), and anime (animation). Through the framework of its interchange with the other two host cities, Kyoto will strengthen reciprocity across the whole of East Asia as well as deepen ties between Japan, China and South Korea by the power of culture, and revitalize the region.
Japanese host cities: Kyoto (2017), Nara (2016), Niigata (2015), Yokohama (2014)


Organizers: Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto Executive Committee, Kyoto City
Management: Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto Contemporary Art Division Management Executive Committee
In partnership with Kyoto Art Center


Grant from

  • 文化庁
  • 2021ARTS FUND

Corporate Sponsors

  • COHJU contemporary
  • Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat
  • グランマーブル
  • 資生堂
  • Hankyu
  • 京都信用金庫
  • 前田珈琲