Kato Itaru, Hoshino Fuminori and Yoshida Yuu started to work together as the art collective hyslom in 2009. Rooted in their sense of disharmony and chance encounters with people and things encountered through exploring reclaimed land, they have developed a ludic art practice called “field play” in order to understand a place experientially using their bodies. This work is expressed through video, photography, and performance, and the collective has also evolved this memory into sculpture, theater, and film. The group won an excellence award at the 6th AAC Sound Performance Dojo (2012). Its major group exhibitions include “Assembridge NAGOYA 2016” (former Nagoya Customs Dormitory, 2016), “Shin-Kai-Chi—What is land?” (Kobe Art Village Center, 2016), and “BISEIBUTSU—Imaging Examples” (JP-U.S. New Connection Project, Kyoto Art Center, 2014).